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    Welcome to our website.

    Rexpo UK Limited is a company with multinational business experience offering tailor-made business solutions in numerous industries. Our company was established in the UK in 2009. We started the business venture as part of a global expansion of REXPO Kft in Hungary.

    Our company is currently operating in four industries: printing, manufacturing, consulting and in the information technology sector. We have over 20 years experience of successful management skills which we have been able to turn into our clients' advantage and we will continue to do so in the future.

    We believe that our success is measured by the outcome of the projects we were involved in with our clients.

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    Our mission is to put our clients' interests first at all times.

    Their success achieved with our help makes us a valuable player on the market. Our global strategy is to bring quality products and services into the countries we operate in and to make sure that with our expert operations we add value to our clients' business portfolio.

    We started as a small family company and now we operate in two countries, serving four industries. We think big and we believe that everything is possible with the right approach.

    We don't see the problem, we see the solution. This attitude is the basis of our global strategy, and what can proves us right better, than the satisfaction of the hundreds of clients we have worked with in the past.

  • IT Services



    The information technology sector is one of the industries we started to operate in since we started offering business solutions on every level.

    We started with planning and implementing IT networks for small and medium sized enterprises. Over the years, this business unit has grown into a much larger venture and now we can help companies and individuals find complete IT solutions including computer hardware and software distribution, network installation and security, IT systems development and support, tailor-made CRM and programming, webdesign, web development and website optimisation.

    We have an experienced team dedicated to develop complete IT solutions for your needs and to achieve efficient workflow regardless of the scale of your IT project.

  • Printing



    Rexpo UK offers printing services for organisations and individuals.

    From simple business cards to award-winning books, we take care all of your printing needs and we can even help you design your publications.

    Besides our commercial printing services we developed a special dissertation printing and binding service website for students who need help in completing and submitting their final year project.

    If you would like to know more about the printing services offered by Rexpo UK,
    please visit

  • Manufacturing



    We have extensive experience in the manufacturing industry.

    Currently we are specialised in supplying rubber parts for large industrial organisations. We are responsible for the design, testing and mass manufacturing of the products.

    Our clients choose us because they need a reliable strategic partner who can consistently supply them with the same high quality standard with ISO certification and also constantly looking for more efficient production methods which help them become more competitive in their industry.

    Besides efficiency, our focus is also dedicated to be green and ethical as we know that mass manufacturing comes with great responsibility to protect the environment.

  • Consulting



    Rexpo UK offers consultancy services for businesses that might find it difficult to cope with current economic conditions.

    We can help you identifying new opportunities for your existing business or brainstorming new ideas to develop them into a profitable venture. We have helped companies before with confidence and thanks to our multi-level industry experience we have a great deal of understanding what drives companies to success in the current economical climate.

    Contact us for a free consultation and find out what Rexpo UK could do for your business.

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